Since 1998 this colourful house has accomodated hundreds of guests.99% of them have found this place very special and beautiful and very inspiring and loved their stay. Many of them return year after year.

The house is located 1-2km distance from the village of Alora.In Alora you can find restaurants, bars and shops for all your needs.

24-h taxi service to village costs 5€.

The house is 650m2 divided to 3 floors with uniquely designed rooms by the owner who is a visual artist. Because the house is old and huge it is under a constant process of creation and repair.

You are very welcome to stay in this house on your own, with a friend or as a group. You can stay only for one night or longer if you wish.


Only 38 km from Malaga and the Mediterranean beaches the train journey takes 40 minutes and the cost is € 3.80 from the airport.

Prices from 30€ night.



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